What are the Benefits and Uses of Hydrodemolition?

What is Hydrodemolition?

As the name suggests, hydrodemolition is the managed removal of concrete using a high pressured water jet. This is an increasingly popular method of concrete modification and is cost effective, efficient, accurate and environmentally friendly too. 

What are the Benefits of Hydrodemolition?


Hydrodemolition is known as one of the safest methods of concrete removal due to a range of factors including;

  • There is no harmful production of silica dust.
  • Hydrodemolition robots are operated via remote controllers at a safe distance.
  • No vibrations are deployed while using the equipment, therefore, the risk of contracting HAVS (hand-arm vibration syndrome) is eliminated.

Environmentally Friendly

  • All of the waste water treated in the sweepings, ensuring that the water is clean and debris-free before returning to the environment.
  • There are no harmful gases that are released into the environment.

Cost Effective

Accomplishing projects by using water jet robots will assist you in saving money:

  • Because hydrodemolition machines are safer to use, there will be less costly injuries.
  • In addition, these machines are 30% more effective than traditional methods, water jetting gets the job done quickly which results in a reduced downtime.


Hydrodemolition is an extremely accurate art. With the recent updates in water jetting technology, these robots are able to be programmed to cut geometric shapes of all sizes and shapes at a range of depths.

What is Hydrodemolition used for?

Even through hydrodemolition seems to be destructive, it’s main purpose is to protect concrete structures. But, how does hydrodemolition do this?

It Gets Concrete Surfaces Ready for Repair

There are three major factors which will compromise the state of concrete structures; the exposture to the elements, the repeated use and the passing of time. When the concrete is damaged, it is crucial for it to undergo repair, as its functionality will decrease and begin to look unattractive. To successfully repair concrete structures, it needs to be prepared using a hydrodemolition machine. This technique, scabbling, roughens the surface of the concrete to leave a rough and clean surface for the next set of fresh concrete.

It Doesn’t Damage the Structural Integrity of the Concrete

When removing concrete, it is extremely important not to damage the structural integrity. Most traditional methods of concrete cutting do more harm than any good by causing micro-cracking. Unlike traditional counterparts, hydrodemolition is able to remove unwanted layers of concrete without ruining the integrity of layers.

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