Water Jetting Products for Surface Preparation Solutions in all industries

Water Jetting Products are becoming more popular for surface preparation in all industries and with over 30 year’s experience, we are the leading Water Jetting solutions company in South Africa.  Our team is qualified to give you professional advice on any type of surface preparation especially Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water blasting along with our International suppliers connected with Water Jetting namely Jetstream Pumps, Peinemann Equipment, Stoneage Tools and TST Waterjet Protection.

 Our Reliable and Efficient Service Centre

The Service Centre is an independent service of ours to ensure the safety and durability of the client’s equipment guaranteeing efficiency for smooth running projects.  The service manager has over 10 years experience in pump construction and a good knowledge of Water Jetting applications. We manufacture and build complete pumps, service and re-build pumps, do modifications to existing pumps and design and manufacture equipment for most Water Jetting solutions.

Make use of our Mobile Pressure Test Bench

Our service now includes a Mobile Pressure Test bench designed to pressure test all equipment before delivery. This is becoming an essential part of Health and Safety requirements and is certified to pressure up to 3000 bar and conforms to the Water Jetting Standards.  Pumps, hoses, foot valves and pressure gauges are all supplied with Pressure Test Certificates.  We call on you to save time and money.

Visit our Branches in Johannesburg and Durban

Total Blasting has the ability and means to design and build detailed machinery for specific projects. With our teams knowledge we can assist with anything from sewer jetting machinery to specialized water jetting equipment to suit any project.  We have branches  in Edenvale, Johannesburg and Seaview, Durban.

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