Using Vacuum Trucks Safely

Waste management is an essential part of many commercial, industrial and even residential processes. IT is an essential task for maintaining an operable and hygienic environment, and requires specialised equipment such as vacuum trucks to have it done properly. As essential as the task of waste management is, it also comes with a number of dangers which vary depending on the environment under which these truck and their operators are working. So to keep yourself, staff and equipment protected during vacuum procedures, here are some safety tips that you should always adhere to.

Chemical Reactions and Toxic Gases

Liquids and oils found in wells often contain dangerous gases such as hydrogen sulphide which pose a risk of injury or even death to your operators. In mild cases, this gas can cause irritation of the eyes, mouth and nose and can result in nausea. In severe cases, concentrations of hydrogen sulphide can kill a person in mere moments.

Additionally, the transfer of fluids from storage trucks to vacuum trucks may sometimes result in chemical reactions that produce other toxic gases.

Foster Understanding of Occupational Dangers

The first step to avoiding accidents is to ensure that each of your operators has a sound understanding of the dangers of their vocation. By doing this, they will be able to determine where liquids can be mixed without harmful results and should also know the best and safest approach as dictated by their working environment. Training is key, and constant upskilling will ensure that accidents are kept to a minimum.

First Aid on Site

Even with exceptional care taken, accidents may still happen, and you need to be adequately prepared to deal with such cases with immediacy. Because of this, you should always have a first aid team on hand that can see to accidents as they happen.

Ensure the Condition of All Equipment

Maintaining a safe workplace requires you to have confidence in the abilities and reliability of your equipment, which means that you need to have vacuum trucks that are in optimal condition. When sourcing trucks, be sure to inspect them thoroughly, especially if they are already used; and be sure to only buy equipment from a reliable supplier.

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