The Revitalising Health and Safety Initiative

While an incredibly useful and often crucial piece of equipment, high pressure water jets also pose a number of risks to those operating them, the businesses that employ their use, as well as for those who work in the immediate area where they are being used.

Injuries and accidents caused by the misuse or negligent use of such equipment can have dire consequences, often enough even leading to death or dismemberment. Because of this, Total Blasting takes professional pride in not only providing equipment that has been thoroughly tested to meet high standards of safely, but also make it our business to ensure that our clients are using these products safely.

As part of this, we support the Revitalising Health and Safety’ initiative, which has been designed to reduce injuries, illness and downtime when using high pressure surface preparation equipment.

Reducing Fatal and Major Injuries

Without proper attention being paid to the correct and safe use of high pressure equipment, the kind of injuries that occur can range from minor to devastating. As part of this initiative, we seek to educate our clients on the correct and safe usage of our products to ensure that injuries do not occur.

The nature of injuries sustained from using high pressure blasters are often surgical in nature. Because of the toxicity often present in the water being projected, injuries being sustained from absorption in the body, often lead to a need for amputation from infection.

Beyond proper usage, the implementation of proper first-aid is also important, and can account for much of how the injury is treated. Bleeding should first be controlled and damaged limbs should be elevated wherever possible (as seen to by an on-site medical professional), and after jotting down the time and details of the injury, the injured person should be taken, immediately to a hospital for further stabilisation and treatment.

Contact Total Blasting for Details

If you want to learn more about the safety aspects of using surface preparation equipment, and what you can do to ensure that injuries and accidents in your workplace are limited, contact a representative from Total Blasting today, or visit our website for details.

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