The Importance of Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Think about the last time you have called a plumber to get your sewer or drain cleaned. If you like many other property owners, it has most likely been some time since you have had this done. When the plumbing is carried out correctly, there is usually no reason to think about getting your drain or sewer cleaned. However, failure of getting regular drain cleaning may lead to major plumbing issues. These problems may include clogs, overflowing, costly repairs and even health risks.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning Stops Odours

Once a drain gets a clog, it may lead to water sitting and stagnate in the traps. Over a period of time, the water may give off a terrible smell. This odour can travel back up through the plumber.

If you are experiencing a great clog in your home’s sewer line, it may cause the water and waste to back up in the sinks. You might flush your toilet and the waste runs down the drain, and hits the clog. The waste backs up all the drain lines it passed. It is possible to have waste overflowing in your sinks because of clogging. However, if this happens, you will need to sterilize and scrub the plumbing fixtures before using them.

Prevents Overflowing

If your drain is completely blocked, and too much water is running into the sewer, the water will back up and not stop. This results in water rushing over the sinks and begins flowing all over the place.

Prevents Costly Home Repairs

Overflowing drains mess onto everything before you are able to stop the flow. You might see that your flooring is beyond repairs. In addition, if the water is deep you baseboards and drywalls are at risk of damage. And if the overflow is happening upstairs, the water will ruin the walls, ceilings and floors below.

Prevents Health Issues

When water flows into the cracks in your home, you are likely to end up with mould or bacteria problems. All of these bacterium thrive in moist climates.


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