Safety on the Floor: Pressure
Testing Could Save Lives 

Working with pressurised equipment on a daily basis puts you at risk of injury, but you probably already know this. Maintaining comprehensive health and safety standards in a hazardous environment, such as those that use high pressure tools (such as waterjetting equipment) or fluid systems, is no simple task. It requires you to have a beat on the condition of your equipment at all times, which can and should be done through pressure testing.


What is Pressure Testing?

Pressure testing provides a way of gauging the condition of pressure vessels. It is used to test their strength and weaknesses, look for cracks, ruptures or any other losses in structural integrity which may, when in operation, become a hazard to those using the equipment, as well as anybody else in the facility. It is carried out following installations of pipelines, or when alterations are made, to ensure the structural integrity of the system.

The process involves filling a pipe with an incompressible liquid such as water or oil. Dyes can be added to the solution to help highlight cracks or leaks. The test involves applying far more pressure than the vessel would typically operate at, to account for any spikes in pressure during operation.


Dangers Posed by Pressurised Equipment

This type of testing is crucial for all facilities using pressurised equipment. Leaks and cracks in damaged vessels may cause contaminants from the fluid to enter the immediate environment, which can be exceptionally dangerous depending on the type of fluids used in the system. Other hazards may include anoxia (a lack of oxygen) or hypoxia (too much oxygen) in the environment, a raise in uncontrolled temperatures. Where vessels are unable to handle the pressure of their operations, major injuries, loss of limbs or even death may occur.
This makes it all the more important to be able to trust in your equipment.

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