About Peinemann

Peinemann Equipment is a Dutch based company specialised in developing, constructing, patenting and worldwide marketing of tools and equipment for the petrochemical industry.

Peinemann Equipment is market leader in a small specialised market. They distinguish themselves through high quality products, such as the aerial tube Bundle extractor or the inside bundle cleaner, as well as professional support and training of users, all over the world.

Peinemann was founded in 1954 renting out forklifts in the port of Rotterdam. Peinemann Equipment started as an activity of Peinemann Cranes: In the mid-seventies, Peinemann Cranes started a division to pull out and insert heat exchangers and in the mid eighties, they decided to change the design of the existing bundle extractors into a more user friendly and faster machine. In the early nineties, Peinemann also started to build high pressure cleaning systems for heat exchangers in order to be able to offer the complete package. Since then, Peinemann has developed three different hydraulic tube bundle extractors which are usually operated by specialist operators during shutdowns in the Netherlands and the rest of north-western Europe. Besides that, the equipment found its way to the sales market. You can find strong and reliable high quality Peinemann machines from Russia to Canada and from Brazil to Taiwan.

Peinemann Equipment creates products that were not simply born on a drawing board, but of the idea that the company has to use the products themselves. As Peinemann owns more than 15 extractors and handles over 2500 bundles per year, they have been able to put all of their experience into the machines they sell.

Contractors can rely on the recognised and acknowledged expertise of Peinemann Equipment and can expect good training by experienced operators.

Peinemann Equipment maintains a good contact with industrial cleaning companies. They listen to their needs and develop machines according to their requests. In turn, Peinemann Equipment receives market information and feedback from them to improve the quality.