T Series Water Blasters

As the technology and the skills have developed, so has Total Blasting. We have created our own Water Blasting machinery and equipment. This is inspired by the need to supply great quality equipment to the African market.

Our superior machinery have been designed for the African market and its specific needs. Over the years the T SERIES Water Blasters have been developed and designed.

The T SERIES are tough, reliable and simple to use. The T3, T4 and T6 Series are powered by Jetstream, the world's leading supplier of high pressure water jetting pumps.

T3 Series     
SA's most popular 1000bar Water Jetting Pump

Performance: 1000bar @ 56L/min  to 2800bar @ 36L/min
Pump: Jetstream 3000 Series
Motor: John Deere 6068 67-112 Kw
Weight: 1.5 tons approx
Dimensions: H2.5m x W1.8m x L 3.5m
Options: Trailer, skid or container
Available in electric


T4 Series

Performance: 1000bar @ 82L/min  to 2800bar @ 45L/min
Pump: Jetstream 4000 Series
Motor: JDoosan 172 - 242 Kw
Weight: 3.5 tons approx
Dimensions: H2.4m x W2.0m x L 4.5m
Options: Trailer, skid or container

T6 Series

Performance: 1400bar @ 164L/min  
Pump: Jetstream 6000 Series
Motor: Cummins QSX15 452Kw
Weight: 6 tons approx
Dimensions: H2.4m x W2.0m x L 6.0m
Options: Trailer, skid or container

T2 & T1 Series 

Performance: 500 bar to 700 bar
Pump: Optimal
Motor: Custom
Weight: 1.5 tons approx
Dimensions: H2.0m x W1.8m x L 3.0m approx
Options: Trailer, skid or container

T Series in action

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