Explore the sustainable way to protect and preserve concrete constructions. Introducing the most versatile and advanced products on the market. Meet Aquajet Systems – the innovator and market leader.


The AQUA CUTTER 710H has a smart design and is specially geared for efficient horizontal operations. The front power head can move and tilt sideways to pass obstacles, and compensate for surface inclinations. To ensure removal of concrete in corners, the front power head has removable side covers.

The front power head can be hydraulically tilted 90° upwards for easy inspection of your working area. If you want even more flexibility you can upgrade the 710H model to 710V. In default mode the robot has as powerful diesel engine. Hybrid drive with an electric motor is optional.



Robotic arm wrestling

The AQUA CUTTER 410A is specially designed for applications in confined areas and to replace hand lance work. Its small size and low weight allow the robot to easily pass through narrow passages such as doorframes or operate from scaffoldings. The hydraulic and articulated arm, with two rotating joints and three extensions, can reach as far as 3 m (9,8 ft). This makes the robot agile, powerful and very easy to position.

Control in sticky situations

The power control module (PCM) can be disconnected from the tracked crawler. This allows you to drive the crawler into tight and inhospitable environments, such as small tunnels and flooded sewer pipes. You can operate the crawler from a safe distance with a radio remote control. In such situations the PCM is connected to the crawler by a cord, ensuring complete control of the robot in horizontal, vertical and overhead operations.


The steel frame can be positioned directly on concrete by anchor bolts or supported by carriers such as hydraulic platforms, cranes and scaffoldings.

Examples of working areas are extremely tall walls or where equipment has to be brought inside a construction via a hole.

All power and control functions are provided by a standard Power Control Unit (PCU) or by any of our AQUA CUTTER robots. That’s entirely up to you and the nature of your working area. Either way, you’ll end up with a great result.




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