Personal Protection and Water Jetting

Water jetting and the use of surface preparation equipment comes with an assortment of dangers; all of which can be avoided by being adequately prepared. A part of these preparations include sourcing the right protective gear, which should always (and without exception) be donned when operating a blaster. There are a number of items that make up the full collection of protective gear used for jetting, and this article aims to ensure that you have all of your bases covered, so that you and your jetting operators can be kept comfortable and safe throughout your processes.

Protecting the Head

Head protection is an important aspect of your safety gear, and because of this you will need to source a number of items. Firstly, a safety helmet is necessary to prevent impacts and abrasions on the head while working, since such injuries can have long-lasting or terminal effects on the operator. Next you will need hearing protectors, especially where long-term use of equipment is needed, since the volume of the machines used can actually result in damaged hearing. Goggles are also essential for protecting your eyes, since a mishap with a water-jet can leave an operator blind. Face protection visors are also necessary for additional protection.

The Body and Torso

Your body and appendages such as arms, hands, legs and fingers need protection as well, and since you are using water-jetting equipment, they will need to be waterproof as well. These include a need for a protective suite, as well as gloves, to keep those digits adequately protected.

Protecting your Feet

Your feet, because of their positioning in relation to the water stream are in constant danger of coming into contact with it, which can have devastating effects on your feet. To protect them, it is essential that you source waterproof protective boots that are strong enough to prevent injuries from happening in this way.

Working with High Pressures

When working with exceptionally high pressures, those over 2000 bar, you will need to use additional equipment to ensure your safety, or that of your operators. You will need a high-pressure protective gaiter, a high-pressure apron and a hose protector to account for the additional pressure. Under these conditions, your water-jetting system is at its most dangerous, and so additional precautions should always be used.

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