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1000 Bar Hose

At Total Blasting we pride ourselves on supplying best quality pumps and related water blasting accessories. The recent incidents/failures on ½” Rubber 1000 bar water blast hose is a real concern for us. As you are aware we buy hose from a number of manufacturers that produce this hose to international standards, however all the hose assemblies are done locally. Upon further investigation, we have learnt that in some circumstances the Quality Control of our hose suppliers were lacking. This is not only a concern to us, but more importantly to you the end user. With this in mind we have been investigating a number of options and alternatives for hose supply. 



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Jetstream Safety Video

Safety is a primary concern for any organization in the water jetting industry. The newely revised video is an essentail training took for anyone working in and around water jetting. This video provides inn-depth information for basic water blast safelty with the emphasis on operaion, pump, equipment and applications.


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