abrasive cold cutting

Cold cutting is a common means for either precision cutting or demolition purposes where the use of hot work cutting is not possible. Cutting can be carried out at a variety of pressures up to 2800 bar by using high pressure water manipulated and controlled remotely. Total Blasting have a variety of cold cutting systems available for a variety of situations.

Coal face drilling

Total Blasting have partnered with specialized Coal Face Drilling companies to develop a technology using ultra high pressure water to drill holes into the coal face, rather than using the traditional drilling method. This technology is significantly more eficient and cost effective. 


A means to selectively remove concrete in a controlled manner, to a pre-set depth, without damaging the rebar & which cleans couplers & starter bars, producing no micro cracks while removing low, pour quality concrete. Powered by AquaJet, Total Blasting use wireless remotely operated robots to remove concrete easily and efficiently, leaving the rebar in perfect condition. We illuminate the use of labour, jack hammers and damage to the rebar. 

machinery washdown and cleaning

Industrial machinery and equipment is a big investment for any company, so maintaining and cleaning these investments is fundamental in order to keep your operations running and reduce repair costs. Total Blasting can offer solutions for yard equipment cleaning, ship and vessel cleaning pumps, DNV certified rig equipment including rig safe zone 2 certified units, power plant equipment cleaning and recreational facilities.



MINING accreditation

  • Mine Shaft rehabilitaion - Johannesburg - Cold Cutting
  • Coal Face Drilling - Middleburg Mpumalanga - Water Jet Drilling