Essential Services for Surface Preparation Equipment

Wherever surface preparation equipment is being used, there is a need for solutions that ensure your equipment can continue to be used safely, reliably, and effectively.

Devices such as water blasters operate under immense pressure and power, which can make them remarkably dangerous to use without the correct training, awareness for health and safety, and confidence in their condition and reliability.

Here at Total Blasting, we are a team of water blasting equipment suppliers that offer specialised services for the equipment we have on offer. As part of our dedication to ongoing health and safety initiatives in the industry, we offer a range of services to benefit our customers.

In this article we will explore a few of the key services aimed at users of this type of equipment that can ensure that they use them with confidence.

This will in turn, help your business to maintain a safer working environment, as well as one characterised by quicker turnaround times and a higher bottom line.

In addition, these services save you money in the long run, due to a reduced need for replacements and repairs.

We will do this by first looking at how these services can benefit you, your workers, your project and business.

From there we will explore each of these key areas in detail, including services related to health and safety training, pressure testing on water blasting equipment, having equipment regularly maintained and repaired, and getting training for operators.

With this in mind, let’s get started with the benefits:

The Benefits of Specialised Services for Surface Preparation Equipment

Before we dive into explaining each of these services, and how they benefit you, let’s start by telling you why your business should consider opting for these services.

They form an essential part of running your projects safely and effectively, but beyond fulfilling important needs, these services can stand to enhance your business in a number of ways.

These include improved safety, efficiency, reliability and of course, profitability:

Improved On-Site Safety

Safety in any industry is an important concern for business owners like yourself. Neglecting to pay attention to those points that enhance the safety of your site can result in damages, injuries, deaths and a slump in your business’s reputation.

Because of these reasons, any aspect relating to safety when using surface preparation equipment is something to be carefully considered.

With the right services keeping your equipment in check, as well as adequate training on how to use this equipment safely, as well as how to respond to accidents, can make all the difference.

And when the safety of your site is improved, so is the morale of your workforce, as well as the opinion that customers and communities have of your business.

This then translates into increased productivity and profits, as well as better business from clients who view your business in high regard.

Enhanced Efficiency of Operations

The next major benefit that these services will bring to your business is an improvement of the efficiency of your operations.

If your equipment keeps breaking down or needs to be consistently checked for problems, you will be wasting time on keeping them in check when you could be using that time for your operations.

If you don’t regularly service surface preparation equipment, it will eventually become a bit of a chore to use them. They will become ineffective, difficult to use, and will result in delays during your operations.

Opting for regular services, on the other hand, will allow you to complete projects in good time and with confidence, since you won’t be spending most of your time seeing to the condition of equipment.

Improved Reliability of Equipment

Reliable equipment is important for any business looking to stay on top of their schedule.

Due to the pressure and difficult conditions that surface preparation equipment operates under, keeping it in reliable condition can be a challenge. When things fail, it can cut into your turnaround times, and subsequent profits.

Fortunately, there are a number of services out there related to not only keeping these machines in top-condition, but also operational training that can show you how to preserve their condition through the correct usage.

Long-Term Cost Savings

The prospect of long-term cost savings is an appealing one for businesses of all types. Who doesn’t like to operate more economically?

It is generally known that equipment is cheaper to maintain than it is to have their parts replaced or repaired when they break down.

Sure, having to opt for these services does come at a cost, and there is that downtime that you would rather not have to go through while maintenance is being done.

However, these costs are nothing when compared to the expenses incurred when having to send a faulty piece of machinery in for repairs.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, repairs and replacements are simply more expensive than maintenance and servicing. While the upfront savings might seem negligible, when they are added up over time, they can become quite substantial.

Secondly, it typically takes longer for this type of equipment to be repaired than it does for it to be maintained. This means that by waiting for repairs, you will be incurring far more downtime, which will quickly eat into your profits.

Some of the Most Important Services for Surface Preparation Equipment

With these benefits out of the way, we have hopefully piqued your interest. At this point you may want to know more about these services that we have alluded to.

Here at Total Blasting we offer services that will help you to glean the benefits of safety, reliability, efficiency and cost-savings right from suppliers of this specialised equipment.

These services include health and safety training, pressure testing, maintenance, as well as operational training.

Let’s explore each in a little more detail:

Health & Safety Training Services

Whenever specialised, or highly pressurised equipment is being used, there is always the chance that an accident may occur.

When these accidents occur with water blasting equipment, the results can be dire.

Water blasters produce a massive amount of pressure, and if that water should simply nick a finger or foot in the wrong situation, the injuries can be horrific.

Our health and safety training services teach operators how to use this equipment in such a way as to limit the risk of injury.

They also train operators, medical officers and site managers how to respond effectively when such an accident occurs.

Through this, we seek to improve the overall safety of the industry by reducing the number of accidents that occur.

We also aim to reduce the dire effects of such accidents, by ensuring that they are dealt with properly as they occur.

This is important to your business since it allows you to take better care of your workforce by ensuring that their safety is taken care of, and by making them accountable for their actions.

This will help you avoid any claims being made against your business for workman compensation, and will also hamper downtime due to injuries.

This service includes training for health and safety awareness for all operators and managers. Additionally, it will introduce personnel to the types of injuries that occur when using this type of equipment.

As part of this, we will also train medical officers, managers and operators to assess the severity of injuries on scene, so that they can be dealt with and recorded effectively.

Pressure Testing for Equipment

The next service that should be of interest to your business is pressure testing on pumps, hoses, foot valves and pressure gauges related to surface preparation equipment.

To conduct these services, we make use of a mobile pressure test bench that is certified to measure pressures up to 3000 bar, to ensure that equipment complies with standards set for water jetting equipment.

This is important for your business for a number of reasons.

Firstly, problems with pressure on this type of equipment can actually pose quite a danger to your staff, facility, equipment and the surfaces that this equipment is being applied to.

Wherever vessels (such as those in water jetting equipment) are over pressurised, there is a risk that the vessel could explode or fracture, which can present an immense and unpredictable danger to your workforce.

On the other side of the scale is equipment that doesn’t produce enough pressure.

While the problem here isn’t one related to safety, water blasting equipment that doesn’t operate with enough pressure, will almost certainly be ineffective; especially for jobs that require high-power operations.

Now, we understand that it isn’t always convenient for you to bring your pressurised equipment to us, especially those heavy-duty examples.

Because of this, we bring a mobile pressure testing bench to your facility, so that it can be tested from there.

Maintaining, Repairing & Modifying equipment

Due to the immense pressure that surface preparation equipment operates under, and because of the tough conditions they are often expected to endure, it stands to reason that they won’t last forever.

Still, there is no need to wait for your equipment to completely fail before doing something about its condition, in fact, that is not recommended.

Leaving your equipment’s condition to dwindle will not only make it unreliable, but could also render it unsafe to use.

Furthermore, complete failures are expensive and time consuming to fix, and your business will pay this price if you are not adequately prepared.

By opting for regular servicing, however, you can avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent equipment. You will be able to operate it without having to worry about your safety, and you know exactly what results you will get out of the machine each time.

Furthermore, your business will be able to have your equipment back in operation in much less time when maintaining it, as opposed to waiting for repairs.

Our team at Total Blasting offers maintenance, repairs and replacements for surface preparation equipment to ensure that you suffer minimal downtime, while benefiting from the reliability of your machines.

Operational Training

In a bid to improve the safety of your business, as well as the reliability of your equipment, Total Blasting offers specialised training for operators of surface preparation equipment.

These services allow your team to use this machinery with more confidence.

More importantly however, they will be able to use this equipment with an understanding of how to preserve its condition, and will also be able to complete tasks in better time, and with greater accuracy.

They will be able to spot any potential problems before they occur.

This training is offered on two fronts: theoretical and practical.

This means that your team will not only understand the theoretical workings of the machines they use, but will also get some hands-on experience.

Our team understands the importance of making these services convenient for our clients, who we know have remarkably busy schedules.

Because of this, we offer training services that are conducted on-site, or at our own facility, depending on your needs.

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