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Water Blasting Equipment Uses

Preparation Of Surfaces

Water blasting has been used extensively in the industrial and construction sectors as these sites need surfaces to be kept clean for a number of reasons.

One reason is the fact that when there are too many substances on the ground, this can lead to health and safety issues, increasing the chances of accidents occurring.

Surface preparation ensures that all of the contaminants are removed in a short amount of time and with virtually zero waiting time as water blasting equipment ensures that there are no puddles or wet spots which have to dry out before employees can begin working again.

Cleaning Heat Exchangers And Vessel Cleaning

Heat exchangers and vessels can begin to hold a lot of material in it which makes it practically impossible for the devices to operate at an optimum.

If both are not properly cleaned, the downtime in terms of having to wait for them to start working could be longer than when you actually use it.

Total Blasting provides quality water blasting services in order to ensure that your equipment is not faltering or decreasing in use.

The lifespan of your equipment can also be improved bay simply having it properly cleaned out.

Cleaning Of Tubes And Tanks

The same applies here as with surface preparation and heat exchangers and vessel cleaning, when using water blasting equipment to clean tubes and tanks, the goal is to improve the quality of the system, while also increasing the productivity.

Water blasting equipment is designed in order to clean the entire surface of a system, all the nooks and crannies, covering the entire area to ensure that there is no possibility that dirt and such is still left behind.

When sludge passes through certain tubes, remnants of the sludge can get caught inside, blocking the tubes, either stopping the flow of substances or slowing them down.

By not seeking water blasting equipment suppliers, you are doing yourself a disservice as your productivity will most certainly decrease.

Removal Of Marine Growth

The marine sector, working in water, can have a lot of materials and organisms which may become attached to the surface of the structure, which can cause issues such as respiratory issues, something which in the long term will have severe health affects.

Water blasting is able to remove the above mentioned completely, allowing the structure to maintain its cleanliness and ensuring that members on the structure are kept as healthy as possible.

Fabric Preservation

Structures and equipment that have been used in spaces, such as near or on the sea, start to develop issues such as rust and other problems which affect their efficiency.

Whether it be pipes or rigs, water blasting is able to improve the quality of the mechanisms.

Total Blasting is able to remove substances which are affecting the productivity and longevity of equipment and systems by blasting the surface with high pressure water.

Of course, the water will be set to a different pressure depending on the overall need.

By preserving the material, you will be able to improve the way it functions which is the main goal for both your business and Total Blasting.

Receive your water blasting equipment today and maintain your optimal work rate.

Concrete Cutting

Believe it or not, concrete is able to be cut down, whether it be in chunks or into much smaller pieces.

Water blasting equipment is able to cut smaller or larger concrete slabs into different shapes and sizes in order for it to function for its given purpose.

Where Total Blasting focus their efforts primarily on surface preparation, they are also well versed in the art of cutting concrete, helping our business to remove the unwanted parts or to shape it for other purposes.

Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear facilities, especially in certain areas, can hold a lot of radiation and other contaminants which can severely affect a person’s health.

Due to this, there needs to be a way in order to clean and scrub the surface area which holds a high level of radiation.

Surface preparation equipment, which will be used by Total Blasting, is able to be used in order to completely cleanse the space, reducing the risk of contamination, therefore decreasing any life risks attributed to radiation and other airborne contaminants.

This type of job is usually done when a nuclear plant or facility is being decommissioned, which ensures that the spread of radiation is limited, rather than leaving a facility as is, which would increase risk to all surrounding the area.


Paint Grid Cleaning

Paint grids will become covered with dry paint and other substances as time goes on, resulting in its functionality being limited.

As this is the case, the best thing to do is to clean it, restoring it to its former glory, which not only improves its functionality, but it also helps those working on it work far better and easier.

Paint can be very difficult to clean as paint has a lot of properties which allows it to hold onto a surface for long periods of time.

Simply going down on your hands and knees and scrubbing it will not do the job.

By using water blasting equipment the entire grid will be cleaned in a few moments right in front of your eyes.

Filter Press Cleaning

If you think about a filter press in the same way as a tube, or even as the above mentioned paint grid, substances will block the flow of the filter, as well as limiting the way it functions.

A filter press is designed to filter out materials which are not needed, while allowing substances which are needed to get to the other side.

Total Blasting is able to clean out the filter press in a way which will get it back to filtering a system the right way, decreasing any negative materials from passing through, as well as removing any sludge in the device.

Water Blasting Benefits

Removal Of Contaminants From The Air

Harmful contaminants have a negative effect on the entire process of a job on the site. When it comes to some industries, such as the industrial and construction industries, there cannot be any contaminants flowing in the air which may be detrimental to employees.

Not only will their lives be in danger in some instances, where in some cases only minor inconveniences may occur, there is also the issue of delays in work as your staff will be off recovering.

Water blasting equipment suppliers provide top quality high pressure blasting devices which will helps to remove the contaminants in the air by doing a full clean of the site, decreasing the chances of any health and safety problems occurring.


Low Water Consumption

You may think that water blasting equipment uses high levels of water, however, rather than use large amounts of water, such as something like an irrigation system, the focus is on the high pressure of the water.

The entire purpose of the use of the equipment is to use the last amount of water in the most effective way possible, removing unwanted materials and cleaning surfaces.

As mentioned above, the fact that there are no wet spots or puddles, indicates that the amount of water used is much lower than you may believe.

This is good in the sense that Total Blasting is using water in a responsible way, ensuring that water conservation is in the plans at all times.

This goes for all water blasting, including surface preparation, as the design allows for fast drying, getting your employees back to work as fast as possible.

Decreased Downtime

Adding to the above, the overall wait is much less than if you were to have to get scrubbers in, which will take up a whole lot more time than using a water blasting company.

Of course, there will be some downtime, however, the speed and precision of water blasting equipment makes it a shorter wait.

On top of this, the time it takes for surface preparation to dry after the task is complete is fairly short.

Make the right decision and contact Total Blasting today for your water blasting needs.

Lower Labour Force

The use of Total Blasting requires a smaller amount of labour than if you were to try and do the job on your own.

This is with both scrubbing on your own and if you receive water blasters without proper training.

The team at Total Blasting is experienced in both the service and in training those to apply the blasting, within efficiency and in terms of safety.

The best thing for you to do is ensure that you are getting your water blasting equipment from a business that prides themselves on high quality devices and results.


Indoor And Outdoor Uses

The practicality and convenience of using water blasting equipment is the fact that they are able to be used both indoor and outdoor.

The advantage to this is that if you own a factory or plant, and need to get both the outside area, and an internal space cleaned, you will be getting both done one after the other, without the need to wait for another service to come through.

On top of this you will also be getting the same quality of service, which will ensure that the overall standards of your space, in and out, are uniform.



Total Blasting provides comprehensive training for their own staff and anyone looking to understand the correct way to use water blasting equipment.

What this does is allow for a complete understanding of how these devices are used, how they operate, any adjustments, and more importantly on how to safely use them.

The business believes that although their service may seem easy, knowing the dangers behind what exactly you are doing will better prepare you to actually utilise it.

On top of this, a professional understanding of the device will allow you to use it to its full potential, maximising the effectiveness of the surface preparation equipment.

The more you know the better it will be for both you and your employees.


Alongside the actual water blasting equipment comes a whole host of other accessories, both for the equipment itself, as well as those who are using it.

The reason for these accessories, such as for the equipment, is to get into areas which may be harder to reach, allowing for a full clean during surface preparation or machine cleaning.

In terms of the accessories for those using it, there will be specially designed suits and shoes, including face masks and helmets, which need to worn at all times when the equipment is in use.

The shoes are made with steel covers, with gloves having the same design, stopping nay accidents from occurring when using the high pressure water blasting equipment.

Health And Safety Checks

Before even using the equipment, there will be safety checks done, including warnings made, as to vocalise the need for space between the water blasting equipment and the area which it will be hitting.

Water blasting equipment suppliers, such as Total Blasting, will always highlight the need for safe precautions to be taken.

This is because if those using the device, and those around it, are not wearing the correct clothing, or if there are people in the area, there will be severe consequences.

Before using the equipment, make sure that the area is cleared and those around are wearing the right attire.

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