Dealing with the Correct Surface Preparation with Total Blasting

Our company can offer you the very best advice on surface preparation especially Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting services and solutions. We represent the world’s top companies associated with Water Jetting, namely Jetstream Pumps, Peinenmann Equipment, Stoneage Tools and TST Waterjet Protection.

Services we offer to the surface Preparation Industry

We offer training at our well equipped training facility and do so in accordance to the required international safety standards and are members of SIR and WJA. The Water Jetting Association supports the HSE program called ‘Revitalizing Health and Safety’ for the effort of protecting workers from injury.  Our workshop is able to manufacture, repair and service all types of Water Jetting equipment.  Our wide range of water jetting pumps and accessories can assist with any water jetting situation offering environmentally responsible machinery. 

Clientele who value our Product

Our Water Jetting Company in South Africa deals with Pulp and Paper, /steel Mills, Power Generation, Marine, Construction companies, Mining, Oil Fields, Military, Petrochemical and Automotive businesses. Their applications include tube bundle, Pipe and stack and cooling Tower cleaning, facilities maintenance, grate and floor cleaning, Ship hull and underwater cleaning as well as Tank cleaning and of course surface preparation.

We are an Application Design Company

We supply domestic and multinational companies in all industries with equipment and machinery especially designed to resolve the more difficult conditions and often consult with our international partners for technical support. Some of these solutions have involved tire cutting, water jet cutting, line removal, tank cutting, cement truck cleaning, railway cleaning and locomotive cleaning.

Safe Destruction and repair – Hydrodemolition

This is the new ground-breaking approach to demolition. It’s much safer and a quick method of removing large obstructions by chipping away at areas like concrete, rocks and even houses.

Contact us for any Water Jetting Solution

Total Blasting has a professional team who will assist with any queries you may have on Water Jetting.  Call us today for the perfect solution to your surface preparation.

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