Does your company require the services of Total Blasting?  South Africa's leading Water Jetting Solutions.

We as a company assist and advice on surface preparation and ultra high pressure water blasting.  Water Jetting is a growing expertise in South Africa for surface groundwork and we strive to be the leading company providing solutions for preparing surfaces with this skill. We represent some of the leading companies throughout the world with water jetting such as Jetstream Pumps, Peinemann Equipment, Stoneage Tools and TST Waterjet Projection.

How we service the industry

Our workshops manufacture different types of Jetting Pumps along with the repairs of water jetting equipment. Training is carried out by our head trainer at Total Blasting to ensure we comply with the international safety standards of SIR and WJTA.

Industries who make good use of our Services

A number of different industries take advantage of our services in South Africa. Pulp and paper industries, steel Mills, Power Generation, Marine, Construction, Mining Industry, Oil Fields, the Military, Petrochemical and Automotive Industry. Their applications include tube bundle cleaning, pipe and stack cleaning, cooling tower cleaning, tank, grate and ship hull and underwater cleaning.  Along with surface preparation, Hydrostatic testing and maintenance we provide domestic and national companies with well designed equipment and machinery to deal with most of their difficult industrial needs.

Have you heard of our Mobile Pressure Test Bench?

To ensure that all our machinery is pressure tested before use, we have a mobile pressure test bench which is an important part of the Health and Safety rules and complies with Water Jetting Standards.  Pumps, hoses, foot valves and pressure gauges are all supplied with Pressure Test Certificates. This service is carried out at your premises, saving you the trouble of moving large equipment as Total Blasting  considers all the clients technical hitches and accommodates where possible.

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