Different Stoneage, Inc Waterblast Tools

Surfaces are often cleaned with waterblasting or sometimes referred to as hyrdrocleaning. This is the method of literally blasting water at extremely high pressures onto the surface that needs to be cleaned. Used un surfaces that are hard to clean. For this type of cleaning one would need reliable equipment and the right tool for each unique situation.


Lance Tube Lancing Machines

Tube lancing machines can be both rotary and stationary. Used for cleaning heat exchangers these tube lancing machines can be used both horizontally and vertically on various sizes. Stoneages Lance Tube Lancing Machines are extremely safe, it can be operated at a distance of 7.6 meters from the splash back area.


Systems for cleaning vessels and tanks

Stoneage offers a variety of tank and vessel cleaning systems. A Stoneage product like the SM-AIR is fitted with multiple nozzles that rotate and blasts water at the same time, resulting in an even clean. Different nozzle heads can be fitted for all types of cleaning situations.

The TORUS TR-130 is another great Stonage tank cleaning product, this 3-D waterblaster is adaptable to a variety of different spaces, safe to use in most chemical or power plants.


Deck Blasters

Deck blasters can be used to prep surfaces or paint or varnishing, getting rid of any grime or residue on the surface. Decks are often being restored, being exposed to all weather conditions, rain, ice, heat, they go through a lot of wear and tear. An important part of deck restoration is cleaning, for which you will need a quality deck blaster.             


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