Choosing the Best Surface Cleaning Solution for Your Company

Jetstream, one of our popular high-pressure water jetting systems and accessories is utilized by contractors, manufacturers and municipalities throughout the world because of its quality and high performance.  The UNx® Waterblast Pump is still the easiest to operate which means easy maintenance. All our products meet strict requirements for industrial operation. These include safety, reliability, serviceability, simplicity and versatility.

Enjoy the confidence of dealing with an experienced team

Our company is able to offer clients knowledgeable advice on surface preparation and Water Jetting Solutions, particularly Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting solutions as we have been in the industry for over 30 years. We are members of SIR and WJTA and represent some of the world’s foremost Water Jetting Protection Companies.  

We are Affiliated with World Renowned Brand Names

Our leading Water Jetting Brands ensure that our clients can draw on the best and safest equipment in the industry.  The strong, dependable and simplistic T Series Water Blaster was created to supply the African Market.  The T3, T4 and T6 are powered by the world’s most important supplier of high pressure water jetting pumps, Jetstream. These are multipurpose HP Pumps backed by our company and are the leaders in Water Jetting solutions and accessories in Africa.

Call our Team Today for advice on your Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Total Blasting will assist with your cleaning solutions and we strive to be the principal supplier of Water Jetting Pumps in our Industry. 

Total Blasting ensures your safety and reliability with all our products along with excellent training carried out at our factory.  All Machinery is pressure tested before leaving our premises. This is an important part of the Health and Safety rules and complies with the Water Jetting Standards.

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