Surface preparation work is required in all types of industry for the removal of coatings from steel structure and other substrate for the purpose of cleaning, fabric maintenance or repair. Total Blasting offers safe and efficient solutions when carrying out surface preparation. Water jetting blasting at pressures up to 2800 bar can provide a surface quality of WJ2 equivalent to SA 2.5 without the need for adding abrasives to the water. This creates a faster turnaround time negating the need for clean-up time after dry blasting. Surface preparation is typically done with UHP hand work, but can easily be made more productive with automated SPE-20ES ShotBlasting machines and UHP Magnetic Crawlers.

  • Airport Runways – Removal of tyre rubber, oils, and line stripping from airports
  • Automotive – Removal of paint and coating build up upon carrier, conveyers, grating and related machinery in paint booths
  • Marine – Removal of marine grown and paint from ship hulls.
  • Petrochemical - Oil Rig and FPSO deck cleaning and surface preparation for corrosion protection.