There are a large variety of industrial applications. Clean and blockage free pipework is essential in any piping process. When there is disruption to flow, Total Blasting can offer a range of solutions. We have a range of nozzle and automated hose deployment systems to navigate bends in pipes from 2” upwards.

  • Automotive – Maintaining paint booth and keeping paint process efficient
  • Construction – Cement plants, cleaning out pre-heaters and drain lines. Cleaning cement truck to keep cement flowing. General drain lines and sewer lines. 
  • Marine – Cleaning ship sewer collections, holding and transfer systems, piping and calcium carbonate and solidified sludge
  • Mining – Clean drain lines and underground haulage lines 
  • Petrochemical – Cleaning pipes, removal of coke build up, drain line cleaning, removing scale from transfer lines and hard calcium scale
  • Paper & Pulp – Clean mud lines, water lines, green liquor lines