Tubes are typically different from pipes. They are smaller and include Heat exchanger tubes, condenser tubes, evaporator tubes, boiler tubes, and fin fan tubes. These need to be maintained and cleaned regularly for operational efficiency. Interior-side and exterior-side, tubes can get fouled when a fluid’s chemical characteristics change, causing hardened salt deposits in or on the tubes. Fluids may also contain biological contaminants like algae as well as particles and sediment that can be deposited in and on the tubes. Likewise, a layer of corrosion products may gradually build up in and on the tubes. In time, all of these things can cause tube corrosion and blockages, which in turn lead to reduced operational efficiency and downtimes if the tubes need to be repaired or replaced. Ultimately, fouled tubes mean less effective cooling and, consequently, the processes that rely on their correct operation could suffer. Tube cleaning is, therefore, crucial to maintaining plants and facilities in many industries. Total Blasting provides industrial water jetting systems suitable for all tube sizes and all types of tube assemblies. We have automated tube cleaning equipment from industry leaders like Peinemann and StoneAge automated lancing machine with flexible and rigid options and a variety of nozzles and accessories for versatility, efficient cleaning, and the safety of human operators. We can also custom-build a high-pressure water jet cleaning machine for certain applications.

  • Petrochemical – Cleaning out heat exchanger, boilers, fin fan and pipes, removing unwanted build up and debris.
  • Marine – Clean and maintain heat exchanger and condenser tubes from seawater deposits, marine grown and scale build up
  • Power Generation – Clean preheat tubes, condenser tubes and boiler tubes. The majority or work is done on the exterior of the tubes but there is some cleaning in the condensers.
  • Paper & Pulp – Clean liquid lines to allow product to flow efficiently
  • Steel – Clean coke, water scale, ore or lime build up in heat exchangers