Abrasive Cold cutting or Abrasive water jet cutting is a process using special tools capable of slicing or cutting into metal or other materials using a high velocity of water combined with an abrasive. Due to the self-cooling attributes, the technology prevents the chance of ignition and therefore can be used in high flammable applications. It is a common means for either precision cutting or demolition purposes where the use of hot work cutting is not possible. Cutting can be carried out at a variety of pressures up to 2800 bar by using high pressure water manipulated and controlled remotely. Total Blasting have a variety of cold cutting systems available for a variety of situations.

  • Construction – Precision cutting of concrete in areas where ignition or excessive dust is problematic.
  • Marine – Pipe cutting for rig decommissioning or salvage 
  • Petrochemical – Cutting structural steel, piping and vessels on offshore production platforms
  • Power Generation – Cutting structural steel, piping and vessels