Company Profile

Who we are

Total Blasting is a leading supplier of water jetting equipment and water jetting technology. Established in 2006 in South Africa, our main goal is to provide our customers with state of the art water jetting equipment and solutions to maximise reliability, durability and safety for all our products and solutions.

What we do

Our product range includes everything, that is necessary for water jetting: From small high pressure (HP) water jetting machines, to state of the art industrial ultra high pressure (UHP) water jetting machines. We specialise in pressure ranges between 500bar and 2800bar. We offer all accessories and technology to provide a turn key solution for the ultimate water jetting experience. Whether you require hand-controlled or self-propelled machines, we offer the worlds leading water jetting brands associated with water jetting. These include Aquajet Hydrodemolition Equipment, Jetstream WaterBlast Pumps, Peinemann Lifting Equipment, StoneAge WaterBlast Tools, TST Waterjet Protection gear. All backed up by a combined 40 years of experience providing expert maintenance and technical knowledge.

Fields of operation

Water jetting solutions by Total Blasting are deployed in numerous fields. Not only typical surface preparation or industrial cleaning, but we also cover heat exchanger cleaning, demolition of concrete with water, road line removal, marine industrial and paint booth cleaning to name a few. Our aim is to provide economic solutions for all of our customers. Contact us, to speak to our proven experts directly. 

Countries of operation

We provide these services throughout Southern Africa; with many year of experience in Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique and Madagascar. With our main hub in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are the first port of call for all Sub Sahara water jetting solutions.