The company to deal with for Surface Preparation

We are the leading water jetting Solutions Company with over 30 years experience in the industry.  Our speciality is Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water blasting services and solutions.  We offer expert advice on surface preparation and represent the world’s best companies in water jetting namely Jetstream Pumps, Peinemann Equipment, Stoneage Tools and TST Waterjet Protection.  We strive to be the foremost Water Jetting Solutions provider with environmentally accountable technologies.

Services we can offer you

Our workshop is able to manufacture all types of Water Jetting Pumps as well as repairs and maintenance to all Water Jetting associated equipment.  We have a well laid out training facility and act in accordance with the required safety standards. We  members of SIR and WJTA.


Water Jetting is a technology used in industrial cleaning and surface preparation. Our range of water jetting pumps and accessories will provide the solutions to any application you may require whether its Pulp and Paper, Steel Mills, Power Generation, Marine, construction, Mining, Oil Field, Military, Petrochemical  or the Automotive industry.  Water Jetting can be applied to Tube bundle cleaning, Pipe and Stack cleaning, Cooling Tower cleaning, Tank cleaning, Facilities maintenance, Grate and Floor cleaning, Underwater cleaning and Hydrostatic testing.

Meet some of our International Brand Companies

TST Waterjet Protectionis a Swedish company who manufactures advanced textile based safety equipment. These are used by high pressure water blast operators for protection against chemicals, water jet impacts and in high temperature environments such as steel mills and fire fighters.

Peinemann Equipment is Dutch based and specialise in developing equipment for the petrochemical industry. They supply strong reliable machinery from Russia, Canada, and Brazil to Taiwan.

Here at Total Blasting we will introduce you to the best product backed by our world leaders in the industry for any solution you require.

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